04.07.23 Website relaunch! please for more updates and behind the scenes join our patreon.

09.07.22 Fixed main issue with the lantern, but we are too far into development that we can't change the demo anymore, so we will have to find errors once it's released with testers.

05.02.21 Most of the updates are written on our patreon page, please check it out to never miss an update!!.

31.08.20 Demo released at Itchio and Gamejolt, please post in the forums if you find any problem. For more direct updates check our patreon page.

31.10.20 We did finish core mechanics, and even managed to do the first puzzle smoothly. We just found out a little problem. Players that haven't ever touched an rpg like IB/Witch's House...etc get superlost in what to do at any time. So we are working on implementing a "memory notebook" that the player can check anytime to see their objective, and what was the "goal" that led the character to do "x" thing.
I also want to add that our story scripter is doing an awesome job fixing conversations and making them feel more naturally within the story telling.
18.09.20 We would like some funds for adding a bit effect and have a decent intro to the game. But overall we have decided the game will be "name your price" you pay whatever you want to get it, even free!
We will roll the names of donors that helped get funds for the game in the credits. Thank you very much.

To Donate go to: Kofi or Patreon


New Release Date! 31st October 2020
24.07.20 Core Mechanics done!
We are working on this title, please be patient.